Monala is a sustainable fashion brand

Monala was founded by Monika Peganova. Every outfit – sweater, cardigan, skirt, pants – is born in a rural setting.
Handmade garments are made in the midst of nature in a relaxed way, putting all the air positivity in the knit. Monala’s goal is to make knitwear not only sustainable, modern, comfortable, but also allow you to feel at ease. It is a wish that any person, dressed in a Monalo cardigan, sweater, dress or other outfit, feels comfortable, can be himself and radiates inner peace and joy.
In these fast-paced days, it is vital that the garment is part of the basic wardrobe and does not need to be changed every season. Monala knitwear is the perfect proof that any product – dress, sweater or cardigan – is of high quality and durable, year-round.
The range of clothes is wide and shaped according to the seasons. During the cold season you will be warmed up by a special design cardigan, a warm cashmere sweater or an original mid-length dress. Knitted scarf and hat will match perfectly, add uniqueness and complete the image. And in the warm season, you will find exclusive crocheted long, medium or short dresses.
Monala team believes that you will find the right sweater, dress, pants, hat or scarf to create your own style!
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9 reasons why Monala knits are worthy of attention and suitable for the whole family:

About me

Monika Peganova is the founder and designer of the brand Monala. From school she wanted to wear unique clothes and be stylish, so she started to learn knitting and crochet crafts. Many nights were spent learning new patterns and techniques. Then in those magical evenings wonderful pieces were born: hair accessories, jewelry, swimwear, hats …
As it developed rapidly, she came up with a challenge to try herself. In 2012, she made her first dress. It was a sustainable, stylish piece of exceptional design. Family and friends encouraged her to create more. Monika was so inspired by others encouragement and self-realization that she began to think more and more that this hobby could become a major activity. She did not stand still – constantly learning the most interesting patterns, trying to understand the techniques of the technicians, because she felt with all her heart that it was her destiny / vocation. Through her determination, love for knitting and crocheting and meticulousness, Monika realized her dream of making clothes! 2017 has created it’s trademark Monala for anyone who wants to wear sustainable fashion clothes made from natural yarn and feel comfortable every step of the way.
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Monika, the founder of Monala, comes from a small Lithuanian village that was and still is surrounded by beautiful nature. Her childhood passed by watching the spectacular changes of the season and everyone left a stamp on her knitwear … Winter chill and peculiar peace – inspired by the blue sweater, spring revival – shining yellow dress, summer heat – light and fluffy white dress, autumn color variety – brown cardigan. Monala believes that handmade clothing made from high quality, sustainable and natural yarns will help you stay away from the frantic pace of life for at least a minute. Change your fast-consumption habits by gradually choosing sustainable knots to save the plants, forests, lakes, seas and oceans that surround us.
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Monala brought together a small group of women whose knitting is close to heart. Because they are experienced knitters and know their work perfectly – a cardigan, sweater, dress or other garment – will be of high quality. It is important for Monala to keep the old traditions and revive this forgotten craft in their country. The best conditions are available for artisans to work wherever they want, whether at home with their family or away, and whenever they want, in the morning, day or evening. Every employee is an integral, valued and valuable part of Monala, so they receive fair wages and can live with dignity.


In Monala’s view, family is the foundation of everything. That’s why clothes are made for the whole family, so you can save time and find quality and sustainable knits all in one place. Also think of matching images: matching cardigans for a couple, knit / knit dresses for sisters or mom and daughter, unique design sweaters for the whole family. Enjoy our knits with the whole family, be together and love each other!
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