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These days everyone wants to be fashionable and to highlight their personality. Also, all want that clothes would be comfortable and adaptable in the office or with friends in the city. Let‘s start that we represent sustainable fashion by creating modern knits, which go with various clothes like jeans, classic pants, skirts. We made an effort and put together a few stylish combinations with V-form knit sweater, which we believe will help to unroll Your personality, will form the desired image on a job interview, or will help to pay more attention at a party.

One sweater, but three fabulous combinations are possible with flared jeans!

Oh yes! We present even 3 different matches and further is your choice, which option will confirm today‘s mood. The calmer and more business-like style will help to create flare jeans or if you want to bring out a little bit of individuality and go crazy – will suit rip or embroidered jeans. These combinations can be perfectly complemented by a white shirt, the uniqueness brought by various accessories (bag, jewelry, scarf), the belt will emphasize the waist. Don‘t forget that if you add high heels or sneakers you will change the combination in your way and will shine in new colors!



Emphasize femininity with a midi pleated skirt

When you are bored of pants, want freedom – try to wear a V-form sweater with a mid-length pleated skirt. Skirts of matching or opposite shades will be suitable for creating a wonderful composition. An image will be finished with a bag, neck jewelry, and shoes.

Official, but not boring composition with classic pants

Sometimes it may look like that it‘s very hard to find a composition for business meetings or work in the office, also would be stylish, comfortable and reveal your personality. But that‘s possible! Wearing pants with our V-neck form sweater you will create an elegant image. Luxury spice could give high-quality brown color accessories.

Brave and colorful composition for personalities who like to stand out

Try to wear one color sweater with other color bright pants, skirts or shirts. Choose a simple but sophisticated approach to color matching. Add a handbag and shoes in other colors. Our one-color sweaters allow you to experiment with a lot of design details – that‘s why they go well with individual details.

Fun sweater composition with a mini skirt for the charming soul

Another idea is to wear a V-form sweater with a short skirt. It‘s a pretty youthful composition, which would be charmed by long boots, beret, and other accessories. Ideal for city walks with friends or going to the party.

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