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Every woman has her style and wants to create as many combinations as possible with minimum clothes. It would be ideal if clothes could be not only for a season but suitable for all year. ,,Monala“ sweaters are a great example of that! Sweaters are made for every client individually, considering to wanted model and color. Therefore the threads are not wasted and the product becomes unitary. It is important to mention, that all sweaters are made from natural merino wool, because of that, they are quite thin but warm. Below we will present wonderful ideas, how a sweater can  be adapted for all seasons of the year.


A classic cardigan that fits anywhere and anytime

Openwork cardigan is a beautiful and always appropriate knit, no matter what the season is. This masterfully created clothing is made from a very soft and pretty merino wool. Quality cardigan fits gently to the skin, will not cause allergies, and won‘t be itching. In the colder months, it can be layered with shirts and other knits. If you want to create an elegant work image, wear a cardigan with classic pants, a matching color handbag, shoes, and other accessories. You will create an enchanting summer image with a light fabric dress and brighten it with a yellow handbag and sandals.



















Diversify your style with a knitted vest

Knitted vests are a little bit forgotten, though with them is an opportunity to create a spectacular composition. As well as an open work cardigan, it suitable to wear all year. Pay attention to our offering green composition, which will color a grey routine. Pants, shoes, and a handbag that matches the vest will create the integrity of the style. In this case, offered white shirt will complete an elegant clothes composition.

Beauty hides in the simplicity and comfort of the sweater

Talking about the weather and their often changes – a good choice is simple, comfortable knits. ,,Monala“ sweaters are suitable not only for winter but also and for the summer. Layer a simple shirt and combine it with your lovable glasses from the sun or other accessories. This composition will suit all day – from early morning coffee till late summer nights with friends. Natural merino wool will warm you when the temperature drops and help to cool down when it rises.



Unique knit for a creative individual

The high neck sweater is an extremely universal piece. It can be worn as a vest on warmer days or as a scarf combined with a jacket, coat. This option is actual on colder autumn, winter days when you want coziness and warmth. It will change the scarf function and help to create a stylish image. This beautiful sweater with a high neck will go with the shirt and jeans, a dress, or layer it with another knit. These compositions will suit everywhere: at work, on the trip, at the cafe, or with the company of friends. We have no doubt, that it is a good investment in creating your perfect style.

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